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Archival Resource Guides (ARGs) are different from the finding aids you will find on our online database. Finding aids document specific information related to individual archival collections. For example, PO005, the Dauenhauer Photograph Collection, is a group of photographs composed by the Dauenhauers during their research, and it has a finding aid that lists every photo in the boxes. There are multiple archival collections in the SHI archives related to the Dauenhauers and the research they conducted, and each one has its own finding aid. The Dauenhauer ARG is a much more general overview of all of these collections. It pulls together elements from different finding aids, library books, educational resources, and more in one centralized location. It has broad, basic information about the Dauenhauers and their work. It is an excellent starting point for patrons who are interested in learning more about the Dauenhauers but do not know where to begin. The Dauenhauer ARG can be used by patrons who are interested in learning more about the Dauenhauers to be able to identify specific archival collections or library books that they would like to check out for more in-depth research.

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The Dauenhauer Literary Estate collection is of immense value and importance to the Tlingit language learning and speaking community in Southeast Alaska, and to Tlingit scholars throughout the world.